How to create an account?

The process is simple. In the homepage ( go to the green button: "Create an account."

Write your email and password in the next page (

You will receive a confirmation email in the email address you wrote before, and go to the login page(,  sign in in your new account.

After that, inside your account, you have to add a new dojo, first. Go to the top menu and select My Dojos, New Dojo. Fill out the form and finish the process.

With your new dojo created, now let go to create your Coach. Go to the top menu and select My Coaches/New Coach.

Complete the process and finally go to the same menu, and select My Athletes/New Athlete

Add as many athletes as you need. Remember to write the correct information for each one. Birthdate, picture and level are very important. 

If you want to add or register the athletes to any tournaments, go to the same top menu and select Tournaments/Add athlete to tournaments. But first you have to have created your athletes!.  

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