How to create an account?

The process is simple. On the home page (, go to the green button: "Create an account".

Enter your email and password on the next page (

You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you typed before, you will go to the login page (, log in to your new account.

After that, within your account, you must first add a new dojo. Go to the top menu and select My Dojos, New Dojo. Fill out the form and finish the process.

With your new dojo created, now let go to create your Trainer. Go to the top menu and select My Trainers/New Trainer.

Complete the process and finally go to the same menu, and select My Athletes/New Athlete

Add as many athletes as you need. Remember to write the correct information for each one. Date of birth, image and level are very important.

If you want to add or register athletes in any tournament, go to the same top menu and select Tournaments / Add athlete to tournaments.
But first you must have created a profile for your students or athletes in your account data, so that when you register all your athletes in a Tournament or Seminar they will be under your name and the name of your dojo! This offers the advantage that when the Brake or Elimination Schemes for the competition are created, Your Athletes will be placed in these so that They do not eliminate each other in the first rounds, taking into account, of course, the number of competitors per Division.

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