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Our software saves all athletes performance statics and uses that data to create a ranking system. You as a Sensei/coach have access to the data so can analyze your athlete’s performance and make improvements.Take a look now!


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We love Sport Karate! This is why we have created this software!

Fact, other sports have performance statics that help coaches improve their athletes training but, not in Karate tournaments. Now for the first time Karate tournaments have statistics! Available to athletes and coaches. Our performance statistics allows you to analyze and adjust your athletes training for improvements. How many yukos, wazari, ippons, warnings and penalties plus more! Key information needed for improvement.

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Applying the software: Athletes & Tournaments

Improving the performance of your athletes!

  • The software can save the athlete's data in each tournament
  • Know the amount of yuko, wazari, ippon in each tournament.
  • Know the amount of warnings, pennalties, victories by points of hantei.
  • Create graphics to show the results of this data by years
  • Create statistic graphics by athletes, coaches or dojos
  • Contact your athletes using their emails

Using the software in tournaments

  • Registration online, 24/7, even using your phone
  • You can check your registration any time, deleting or editing
  • Print the athletes' credential for the tournament
  • Scanning the arriving's athletes in the tournament
  • Run the tournaments using our software online
  • Create splits, and joins instantaneously
  • See the results by rings online

Apps, Registrations, Seminars and Uniforms

Karate Apps:

We have created two tournament apps, one for Kumite and one for Kata. Use them to simulate Sport Karate competition.
Kumite: Click here
Kata: Check here


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